CHAMPAGNE Gratiot Delugny Récoltant - Manipulant en Vallée de Marne

Bulles d'Avenir 100% Petit Meslier


100% Petit Meslier

While the majority of grape varieties in AOC Champagne are Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, there are so-called forgotten grape varieties authorized in the appellation. These 4 grape varieties represent less than 0.3% of the vineyard, and Petit Meslier is one of them.
The fruit of a long selection process by David Gratiot, which began as a teenager, Petit Meslier was planted on the estate in 2008 to give its first 100% Petit Meslier bottles in 2012.

This grape variety gives a real aromatic typicity. Unlike the rare existing 100% Petit Meslier champagnes, we have chosen to vinify it in oak barrels to soften the pronounced mineral taste of this grape variety. "Bulles d’Avenir" is therefore a unique champagne in the world.
Slightly salty, it has a smoky nose with a touch of tobacco and wood. On the palate it has aromas of Granny Smith apple and white peach, and the taste of a freshly squeezed lemon. Acidulous and fruity, it reminds us of the "flying saucer" sweets of your childhood, an unusual journey for regressive pleasures... Another beautiful tribute to the past to carry the future of our house.

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